Our Story

Fimbul is inspired by old traditions and the wild nature of Iceland. After many visits and time spent working and living in Iceland, we returned to Portland, Oregon, USA where we had built our careers in the restaurant industry. We were determined to study and keep alive the history and food traditions of Iceland that we fell in love with. This is where Fimbul began. Chef Matt had studied at Dill in Reykjavik and was lucky enough to work his way up in a few of the best restaurants in Portland, OR. Aurora had worked for over 15 years as a server and bartender and was the successful general manager of our pop up restaurant, Fimbul. She also developed our drink menu and all of the house made aquavits that complement our food. In both the cuisine and beverages that we create, we wanted to have a focus on wild and foraged ingredients that were prepared in a sustainable way, followed a story of Icelandic tradition, and brought the food experience back to the feeling of storytelling and feasting together. In 2020 (of all the years), we were lucky enough to pursue our dream of opening a restaurant...this time it was in the place we felt so drawn to coming back to - North Iceland. Fimbul Cafe is located inside Lamb Inn, a hotel on a sheep farm in the Eyjafjarðarsveit countryside just 10 minutes outside the quaint but vibrant city of Akureyri. We hope you can join us as we explore Icelandic cuisine in a new way and explore the flavors of the wild through our farmhouse aquavit.


-Matt & Aurora