Beverage Menu

We have a rotating selection of natural wines, local beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic spirits.


On draft

        Segull 67

                    30 cl ........ 1.000 kr

                    50 cl ........ 1.500 kr

In bottles / cans

         Kaldi lager, Einstök Arctic Pale Ale

                   -900 kr-




       - By the glass -

                Chateau Lamothe Vincent 'Reserve', Merlot / Cab Sav, 2018, France 1.500 kr

      - Bottle -

                Frank Cornelissen 'Susucaru', Nerello Mascalese, 2019, Italy 9.800 kr

                Partida Creus 'TN', Tempranillo, 2018, Spain 11.000 kr


     - By the glass -

               Laurent Miquel 'Solas', Chardonnay, 2018, France 1.500 kr

    - Bottle -

               Partida Creus 'BN', Xarel-lo, 2019, Spain 8.700 kr


               Partida Creus 'CX', 2019, Spain 2.000 kr glass / 10.000 kr bottle

               Domaine Ozil Frangins 'Bois Blanc', Marsanne, 2018, France 12.000 kr (bottle only)


               Le Coste 'Litrozzo Rosato', Aleatico, 2019, Italy 1.500 kr glass / 12.000 kr bottle (1L)


               Azimut Brut Nature, Cava, NV, Spain 9.000 kr

               Le Coste 'Pizzicante' Rosso, Merlot / Sangiovese, 2017, Italy 9.500 kr














We serve Icelandic and Nordic spirits with a special focus on aquavit. In addition, we have a selection of seasonally infused house "Landi" created with Icelandic base spirits by Foss distillery in Reykjavík and infused with herbs and ingredients from our farm and the surrounding fjord. We are currently serving our classic Dill landi, an infusion based on an old farmhouse aquavit recipe. Other seasonal flavors currently include Winter Rowanberry, Wild Blueberry + Lovage, Garden Rhubarb, and Fjallagros (a moss that grows in the rocky mountains that border the fjord).

We also create seasonal craft cocktails that highlight Icelandic spirits and components.